Introducing TRULINK, Tresidio Homes' cutting-edge smart home technology that redefines modern living. TRULINK seamlessly integrates smart homes features to enhance your home's comfort, security, automation and energy efficiency, providing you with an unparalleled living experience. Tresidio Homes partnered with allowing Tresidio homeowners to remotely control all of their smart home features from a one app solution. Monitor your home in real time with high-definition cameras and receive instant alerts on your smartphone. The smart locks and video doorbell cameras offer convenient access control, allowing you to grant access to guests remotely. TRULINK brings automation to a new level, making your home work for you. Set custom schedules for lighting, thermostats and arming schedules. Smart thermostats and lighting systems also intelligently adapt to your preferences, ensuring comfort while maximizing energy efficiency. You can easily integrate ZWave and WiFi smart home devices. Experience the next generation of smart living with TRULINK by Tresidio Homes. Transform your home into a connected, intelligent, and secure haven that adapts to your lifestyle, making every day more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. Welcome to the future of home automation. Welcome to TRULINK.


UPGRADE Your Home, UPGRADE Your Life

Tresidio Homes is now offering smart home technology in their homes. Choose from a variety of smart home features. Conveniently control all of your smart home features from one app. The app allows you to control all of your smart home features quickly and easily from your phone anywhere, anytime. Tresidio homeowners receive the app free for 3 years.

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KWIKSET Smart Lock

Enjoy increased convenience and improved security. Remotely lock/unlock your home with the app. Never lose or fumble for keys again.

Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat
Included Feature

This Wi-Fi programmable thermostat lets you manage heating and cooling your way. With flexible scheduling, you can change it from day-to-day, on weekends, or all week long. Smart Thermostat

This thermostat monitors the heating and cooling systems, and takes cues from the security panel and sensors located throughout the house. It uses real-time data to adapt quickly to changes in the routine. 

Qolsys HUB

The central hub of your smart home, this 7” touchscreen panel connects a range of features with Bluetooth capability, Wi-Fi integration, Z-Wave access, and cellular connectivity. Control your front door lock, thermostat, garage doors, video doorbell and more all from the Qolsys HUB.

Qolsys IQ4

The next generation hub. Features audio streaming with four two-way voice speakers, built-in 8MP camera, and improved all-in-one range, differentiating features and integrations. Video Doorbell

This hands-free, touchless, Wi-Fi video doorbell offers two-way voice through the app. Get an alert when a visitor approaches or rings your video doorbell. Open the app to see and talk to them. Unlock the door and lock it again, all from the video doorbell call screen. Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Smart cameras let you see everything that matters, inside and out. Customize video alerts to focus on people, vehicles, animals or your property. Get video clips of kids arriving home, or check in with a quick call through your camera.