July 30, 2020

Interior Design Ideas for a New Custom Home

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Designing a custom home is an exciting project that’ll (hopefully) leave you with your dream home.

When it comes to customizing a new home, you have the opportunity to mesh traditional and modern elements to give your home style and sophistication. Below, we’ve outlined some top choices for interior design ideas to customize your home. 

A Home Office

Home offices are going to become an increasingly lucrative addition given the work from home conditions brought on by COVID-19. There are hosts of benefits to building a home office; having a separate workspace will greatly improve your productivity, it’ll create a barrier between work and play, and will reduce distractions. Especially if you have children or partners in the home, it’s essential to create that barrier and make a private space for you to work productively. Designing the home office is also a great way to spark creativity by playing with the decor. This could be with decorative screens, wall color combinations, or accent colors! This home office could serve you well going into the coming months, as many homeowners will continue to work from home for the next few months.

A Wet Bar

While a custom home may already have an entertaining space in mind, introducing a wet bar elevates your entertaining capabilities to the next level. The wet bar brings both luxury and fun to your home, and can actually be installed quite inexpensively as an addition to an existing living space. It should add value to your home as it’s somewhat of a showpiece, and it will also leave you with more space in your kitchen and fridge as you keep your spirits and wines in their own place. The wet bar can easily be a space that’s integrated into the living room space, is next to a media room, or as a surprise in the basement. 

Make the Kitchen Stand Out with Colored Accents and Cabinets

We’re seeing many homeowners shift away from the traditional white kitchen! Colored cabinets are a great way to introduce energy and personality to a space. Even dark cabinets that we used to think made a space look darker and smaller are coming back, as the perfect dark shade will bring a luxurious feel to the space and offer a great contrast with the rest of the kitchen. 

Design a Custom Kitchen Island

There are a host of benefits to adding a custom kitchen island. In addition to making the space more conducive to socializing while a family member is cooking, this is a great place to make the island an accent through a pop of color or introduction of a new material. This is also the spot to creatively integrate lowes interior handrails and rounded edges to make the home set up for aging in place and safe for young children as well. 

Invest in the Countertops 

Countertops set the stage for the rest of the room, so it’s a great idea to pay mind to both the most popular quartz countertop colors and materials. The countertops in both the kitchen and bathrooms are important in giving the home a luxurious feel, and many homeowners will opt to invest in granite, marble, or even stone countertops. Each of these will add personality as well as functionality to the space and should serve as an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the cabinetry. 

A custom home is an exciting opportunity to take your home’s design into your own hands and ensure that it reflects your personal style. The possibilities are truly endless!

Matt Lee is the owner of theInnovative Building Materialsblog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.