April 02, 2020

How to Keep Your Sanity While Sheltered in Place

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Trying to adjust to limiting our socialization can in a sense make us go stir crazy!

It’s our human nature to feel the need to socialize and connect in one way or another. So how do we make the best of social distancing? Here are some fun ways to keep your mind busy and alternative ways to have social gatherings that don’t require leaving your home.

Get Connected Virtually
Just because you can’t meet up for Happy Hour doesn’t mean you can’t bring it to your home! Most of us are already using apps like FaceTime or Skype, but there are many apps such as Zoom or House Party that allow you to connect virtually with more than one party at a time. So give it a try and have a virtual party or gathering amongst your friends and family!

YouTube How-To Learning
Ever wanted to learn how to paint like Bob Ross or build something ambitious like a table? This is the time to take advantage of learning something new! YouTube is a great resource for endless tutorials on How-To’s as well as finding fun activities for the kiddos to do.

Meditation & Yoga
It is always important to keep your mind and body centered especially during times like this. Meditation and Yoga are a great way to clear our minds and relax our bodies. If need be sign up for a virtual meditation or yoga class.

Get Outside
Being cooped up inside all day isn’t exactly the best for our overall health and well being. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to get outside and breathe some fresh air and soak in that Vitamin D. If you can, try to optimize your health by including a brisk walk, jog or bike ride while practicing social distancing.

Even though the gyms are closed doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Find a space in your home that you can designate to get your workout in! There are plenty of great apps and tutorials to help guide you with your fitness goals. Designate a time each day or make it a family activity.

Journal & Blog
With idle times and all that is going on in the world, it can make our minds race and create anxiety. It can be therapeutic to channel our thoughts onto paper and write them down in a journal or create blog entries. Someday it might be something neat to look back on as we document our lives during this time.

Read a Book
Have you always wanted to read a book, but never could find the time? This is the time to curl up on the couch or sit on your patio and read that book you always wanted to. It will also help your mind escape from all that is going on.

Board or Card Games
We are so often attached to our mobile devices that we forget to disconnect and have some good old fashion fun! Dust off the chess board or find your deck of cards and play all those games you use to love playing before electronics. It’s also a great way to bring the family together and teach the kids something new!

Stay Connected
We should take this opportunity to reach out to those who we may have lost touch with over the years or just aren’t in contact with as much. Send an email, text message, or just pick up the phone and give that special someone a call. Sometimes this is all we need to feel connected!

Binge Watch a TV Series
Have you ever started to watch a tv series like “Friends,” or “Seinfeld”and missed some episodes or just never had the time to finish it? Here’s your chance to take advantage of being at home! Netflix, Hulu and Amazon all have great series to choose from at this time.

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Make a Meal
Is your inner chef calling you to whip up something fantastic for dinner? Take this opportunity to put a little more love into the meals you make and be creative! If you don’t have many skills in the kitchen Google recipes or look up video tutorials on YouTube to help you out. Maybe challenge yourself to make something you love to eat when you dine out.

Do you have a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle laying around that you have never attempted to complete? Give it a whirl and it’s a great way to stimulate your brain!

These are just some of the many fun things you can do around your home to help keep your sanity! Try to use this time to be creative and do the things you keep putting off around your home.