February 18, 2022

Fresh, Bold, and Uniquely Yours: 2022’s Top Home Design Trends

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In 2022, it’s all about bold, warm, and unexpected interiors. With many people spending more time indoors, and an overall emphasis on minimizing stress, interior designers are transforming homes into personalized retreats. Whether you are designing an entire home, or just want to refresh a few rooms, here are the top new home design trends of 2022.

Beautiful Browns

Chocolate, terracotta, and caramel hues will provide an unexpected twist on the neutral tones of years past. Homeowners are ready for deeper colors to add romance and warmth to their living spaces. Choosing paint, finishes, and décor in these colors will add a natural, welcoming feel to your space.

Organic Materials

When so much time is spent indoors, bringing organic elements into your interior design can connect you to nature. Look for furniture and accessories in natural-finished wood, wicker, rattan and stone. Many of these materials are sustainable, and preserve the health of our ecosystem.  Natural materials create a calm and cozy feeling, and live plants create visual reminders of the outdoors, while adding bright pops of color.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

While some rooms are dedicated to one purpose only — for instance, the kitchen —  multifunctional spaces can be a convenient solution when you want to have everything accessible in your home. Dual-purpose rooms are efficient and simple to create. A bonus room might be both a private study and a guest room, while a loft may double as a home gym and a children’s playroom. 

More is More

While minimalism has overtaken many recent years of design trends, maximalism is back. Adorn your home with soft, curved furniture, bold, patterned wallpaper, and luxurious textures, like velvet and fringe. Inspiration can come from 1970’s styles, and with a little research and vision you can make this style your own twist of modern and vintage.  

Outdoor Rooms

Designers are transforming the outdoors into natural and open additions, making patios true extensions of our homes. Adding sophisticated outdoor furniture and lighting creates a comfortable space, while allowing you to breathe in the fresh air of nature. 

Leave creating the house of your dreams to Tresidio Homes, but remember to make it your own, whether you use these design trends or come up with a completely unique style that is all you.