February 23, 2022

Declutter Your Home in the New Year

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If you’re enjoying more time indoors this winter, you may notice that you could use a little more organization throughout your home. If 2021 brought an abundance of extra things into your living space, then 2022 is all about getting rid of what you don’t need — and keeping the things that serve a purpose in your daily life!

At Tresidio Homes, we believe that 2022 is your time to enjoy the moments at home without the stress of unnecessary clutter. Finally, with a fresh, new home in Boise, you can create the atmosphere that you love being surrounded by day and night. Take a look at our favorite tips for decluttering your home:

How To Declutter Your Home

Decide What To Store:Before you start, it’s a good idea to “assess your mess” and make a decision about how much storage you may want to buy. Go through each room and envision what you’ll need to keep everything clean and tidy, whether it’s plastic bins for your children’s toys or shelves for a food pantry.

Use Your Doors:Don’t underestimate the versatility of doors! The back of a door can be a lifesaver. If a secondary bedroom is becoming tight, an over-the-door shoe organizer or hook rack will free up space while storing everything from shoes and jackets to hats, belts and scarves.

Clean Your Closet:First things first, ask yourself: “Do I really need it?” Donate items you don’t wear or don’t make you feel great and keep the items you love. (If you haven’t worn something in the past year, give it a new home!) You’ll be amazed at how much easier (and more enjoyable) it is to step into a clean, organized closet.

Free Up Your Fridge: Now, more than ever, takeout meals make your evenings so much easier. (Thank you, local restaurants!) Because those boxes, containers, and bags take up so much space, make sure to put food in your own Tupperware and label them with the date you ordered the food. You can also do a complete “refrigerator overhaul” — take everything out, throw old items away, and keep what you need.

Stay Trendy:A beautiful storage ottoman is a comfortable seat in your bedroom or family room and a great way to keep items off the floor. Similarly, functional and stylish ladder shelves are perfect for picture frames, candles and books.

Organize Recipes:You may have certain recipes that you can’t live without, but you don’t need the whole cookbook sitting in your kitchen. One way to free up extra space is to scan the recipes you use and love from cookbooks, cut out your favorites from magazines, and organize them using page protectors in a binder or folder.

Start Small: If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, a great way to destress is doing a simple task, like making a bed. A few ways to clear your home and refresh your mind are to fluff and organize pillows on your couch, straighten up rugs, and wipe down countertops.

Boise New Home Builders

We believe that great things are coming your way this year! With a little decluttering in your spacious and comfortable home, you’ll start off every day with a breath of fresh air. For more information about new homes in Boise, please contact us.