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The New Home Office

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It’s not news that home offices have become mainstream.

Technology has made it more efficient and convenient for Americans to work from home. The home office now appears in homes of every type, size, style and price range.

Builders have traditionally placed the home office on the main floor. A favorite location is just inside the front door, with enough separation from the main living area to give the worker some privacy.

The advantage to working with a custom builder is that the homeowners can design an office that’s tailored to their specific needs. To do it right, the homeowners need to carefully consider how they like to work, and how they will use the space.

Today’s homeowners have more computing mobility than they did five or ten years ago, thanks to the near ubiquity of wireless internet. Even someone with a desktop computer and a 48-inch monitor will likely have a laptop, and may prefer to do much of his or her work at the kitchen table or out on the patio. This has led some homeowners, and even some designers, to question whether the home office still makes sense.

For most people the answer is yes. However, today’s home office may be different than the office of just five years ago.

For example, consider the freelance writer who prefers to roam the house, laptop in hand. He or she will still need a place to plug in the printer and store papers and office supplies to keep clutter contained. A small desk and chair can be added for work that needs to be done in private. These spaces can be smaller than traditional offices—in fact, some designers have noted a trend toward pocket offices in convenient locations, such as next to the master bedroom or kitchen.

Of course, some people will still need a full-sized workspace with the basics of any good office: ample surfaces, bookshelves and file cabinets, and task lighting. Exact requirements will vary by client—an artist may need a lot of counter space while an accountant who meets with clients at home may need a separate entrance, a small conference table, and a shared powder room. Depending on budget and available floor space, some people may want room for personal touches, such as a sofa or a piece of exercise equipment. And of course anyone doing serious work while the family is home will want good sound insulation between the office and the main house.

By thinking through their needs in partnership with a good professional builder, the homeowners can design an office space that’s a perfect match for their home, their lifestyle, and their budget.

Realtor® Spotlight

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Judy Trimble has been a realtor for the last 15 years here in the Treasure Valley and specializes in existing and new construction. Judy is especially good at analyzing market data and summarizing all her findings for her buyers and sellers to ensure they receive the most value out of their real estate transactions. Judy loves building lasting relationships with her clients. She is always happy to help them with market questions, referrals, and of course, buying or selling a home.

When she isn’t working, Judy loves hiking, biking, camping, fishing, skiing, etc (basically anything outdoors). Judy is currently representing Tresidio Homes in the wildly successful community, Maple Creek. There are only handful of home sites left to build on so hurry over and see Judy to reserve your home site today!

How Long have you worked in real estate? 15+ years

What is your specialty?Residential sales (mostly referral based).  Both existing and new construction

What is the one tip you have for someone looking to buy or sell a home? Stay positive and trust the process.

What is the most challenging / gratifying aspect of what you do? I love the relationship part of my job.  I have systems in place for procedure, but the best part of my career is creating relationships and friendships with my clients.  I love to keep in touch and talk on a regular basis even after the sale.  Extraordinary results and clients for life!

What do you see in the future for real estate sales / prices? People will always need homes so it’s a great business and investment.  There are naturally ups and downs in real estate, but we are still experiencing a lot of growth in this area.  Our market is not following the national trends exactly because we are a destination city right now.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Hobbies, volunteering, family, fun? I LOVE to be outside hanging with friends and family.  Hiking, biking, camping, fishing, skiing, reading (lots), BBQ’s, gardening, and volunteering.

What do you like about living in this area? I love how friendly people are.  I love the proximity to outdoor activities.  I love the mountains as well as the art and cultural events we are getting more of.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you and your company?  I love my career and helping people.  I love it when my past clients call me with questions about anything (just to talk, the market, a need for a referral, a volunteer organization…). RE/MAX Elite works hard to create a team atmosphere and superb customer satisfaction.


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